our classes

If you have any questions, or would like to participate in any of the following classes, please contact us.

Adult Equipping Classes

Fundamentals of the Faith
This class is offered every Fall (September-December) at 9:15am each Lord’s Day. 



The purpose of FOF is to serve as a local outreach to unbelievers as well as to lay a foundation for Christians in the fundamentals of the faith. 

While Bible teaching is the core element of the Fundamentals of the Faith ministry, prayer and fellowship among believers also play an important role in the vitality and efficacy of the ministry. The small-group environment encourages interaction between the teacher and student. Many Paul-Timothy relationships are built through the Fundamentals of the Faith ministry. Many, as a result of taking these classes, trust Christ as Lord and Savior. 


Lesson 1: Introduction to the Bible 


Lesson 2: How to Know the Bible

Lesson 3: God: His Character and Attributes

Lesson 4: The Person of Jesus Christ 


Lesson 5: The Work of Christ 


Lesson 6: Salvation

Lesson 7: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 8: Prayer and the Believer

Lesson 9: The Church: Worship and Fellowship 


Lesson 10: Spiritual Gifts 


Lesson 11: Evangelism and the Believer 


Lesson 12: Obedience

Lesson 13: God’s Will and Guidance



This class is for Christians who have never been baptized as Christians by water immersion. Baptism is not optional for the Christian but an issue of obedience (Matthew 28:19-20). Classes are held as requested. Please contact the church office for more information. 


Connecting Class

This class is to introduce people to our church so they can be connected to the people, leadership, ministries, and life of the church. Topics discussed are: 

     The church constitution

     History of the church

     What we believe

     Our core values

     The importance of membership

     How to get involved

The class is generally held in the fall during the Sunday School hour. It meets the first four weeks of the new school year in the church library. Please sign up at the Welcome Center or call the main office. 


Adult Sunday School

Join us for the Adult Sunday School as we continue our journey through the Old Testament. 



Our class is for couples who are either thinking seriously about marriage, or are already engaged. The classes are held on an as needed basis. If interested in more information please contact the main office (406-761-3375).