The Latest from EBC Leadership

7/16/2020 Update: The governor has updated the Phase II guidelines to include the mandatory use of face coverings in certain settings. Please read the Directive here (.pdf download). The elders are prayerfully considering how it might impact our Saturday parenting seminar and Sunday Worship. They will provide specific details soon.

6/1/2020 Update: Montana has moved to Phase II of "Reopening the Big Sky." With that, we are resuming first-hour worship (Equipping Hour and Sunday School) at 9a.m. We are still observing distancing. 

5/3/2020 Update: We will be meeting in house this Sunday morning with proper precautions and guidelines. We're so grateful and eager to gather! We will continue to broadcast live online here and Facebook for the foreseeable future.

4/23/2020 Update: Some of you have probably heard that Governor Bullock has issued instructions for "Reopening the Big Sky" (see below), but PLEASE NOTE, we will NOT have services this Sunday, plan on joining in worship once again via Facebook (note that you do not need a Facebook account to view the livestream)

This page is meant to be a central hub for all things EBC members would want to know during the season of inability to meet together. The latest decisions, recommendations, and information about EBC's plans during this pandemic will be contained together on this page.

We are confident that God is in absolute control of this unique time and that His purposes and plans for us are perfectly wise, good, and loving. For this reason, we are excited at how God will use this time in our personal lives, our church family, Great Falls, and the rest of the world, to put on display His glory and the eternal hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray you would see this as a special time God has ordained for our good and His glory. To help you think through how you can maximize this time for the glory of God (Eph.5:16).

  • Corporate Worship

    When you come to the building, let the ushers help you. If you are not yet comfortable venturing out, the sermons are still live streamed on Facebook.

  • Other Ministries

    Other ministries including Woman's Bible Studies, Youth Events, etc. are all on hold during the period of government restrictions as well. You will be contacted by the individual ministry heads if they plan to use online gatherings to meet.

  • Spiritual Encouragement

    What might God want to you think on during these unusual times?

    Take some time to consider:

    • How does God want me to use this time to “be still and know that I am God”? (Ps.46:10). Rehearse the character and promises of God (Psalm 145; John 14-17; Romans 8; Revelation 1). 
    • What makes the corporate gathering of the church so special? Take time to consider the blessings of the Lord’s Day and how much we will miss one another (Acts 2:41-47). 
    • What spiritual disciplines/priorities can I give more time to? Prayer? Bible reading? Listening to sermons? Fasting? Reading good Christian books? Setting mind on things above? (Col.3:1-2). 
    • How can I make this a special time for my family? Eat meals together; Play a board game; Do a project/activity together; Watch a good mini-series; Read/memorize Scripture; Make a thank-you journal each day. Slow down and spend time together. Have fun. Enjoy this time! 
    • How can I love and serve my brothers and sisters during this time? Remember those in other countries who are suffering worse conditions (Heb.13:2). Pray through the church directory; call someone in the church family/small group/ladies study each day and see how they are doing; read Scripture; pray; meet a benevolent need: financial, food? Decentralizing the church can be used by God to encourage each of us to use our gifts and practice the one another’s! 
    • What good deeds can I do to let my light shine before Great Falls (Matt.5:16)? Call a neighbor?Offer to pick up food for an elderly person? Meet a need? Pray for teachers? Pray for health professionals and hospitals and nursing homes? Shop at the grocery store for only what you need. Don’t stockpile. Pick up some extra toilet paper for your neighbor.
    • How is my testimony before the watching world? Neighbors? Co-workers? Is my attitude characterized by complaining and grumbling or thankfulness? Discontentment or contentment in God? Fear or faith? How can I sympathize with them during this difficult time? 
    • Where can I share the Gospel with a broken, confused, and hopeless world? Neighbor? Co-worker? Family member? (1 Peter 2:10). Remember: we know the end of the story. Jesus wins! 
    • How can I honor our government officials? Pray for protection, wisdom, and salvation (1 Tim.2:1-4); speak well of them and be ready for every good deed (Titus 3:1-3); submit to them as being established by God for our good (Romans 13). God has given us great opportunities to maximize this time for His glory. Let’s not waste it! 
  • Serving and Reaching Out

    By now you probably know that the world is anxious and fearful. This can be a great opportunity to practically serve and love your neighbors. Please consider downloading and printing this little sheet to print out and pass around your neighborhood.

  • Physical Or Benevolent Needs

    If you are in need of financial or material provisions during this time because of loss of employment or other services, please let someone in your small group know. This is an opportunity to practice some of those "One-Anothers." If you have financial needs because of the current conditions please contact one of the deacons (Gary Jimmerson or Jay Russell).

  • Financial Giving/Worship

    Faithful, sacrificial, and worshipful giving may look a little different right now. We encourage you to still worship the Lord in your giving to the local church (2 Cor.9:6- 7). To help you do this, you may give online right here on our website. We have ensured as best as possible the security of your personal information. You may also give by mailing in your gifts to the church, or you may contact a secretary to send you stamped and addressed envelopes if you need them.

  • Shepherding

    The elders and other under-shepherds hope to be in touch as best we can with our members during these isolated weeks when we are not able to gather regularly. Please don't hesitate to contact us to let us know how you're doing! We love you and want to shepherd you! (1 Peter 5:2)

  • Resources

    In the days ahead we will be posting pastoral and shepherding resources to encourage and inform our church family. Here are some recommended links:

  • COVID-19 Information

    We recommend you obtain the most up to date information from the following

    Please be wise and careful what news you receive or share from social media or news outlets