Grace & Truth 2022 Schedule

Church Leader Pre-Conference
Thursday, March 31

     12:45 pm                 Leaders Pray!

     1:00-1:30pm            Registration

     1:30-3pm                 Session 1 – Pastoral Practice During a Cultural Revolution

                                                        (Pastor Tautges)

     3-3:30pm                 Break   

     3:30-4:30pm            Session 2 – Equipping the Saints for Discipleship in the Home
                                                        (Pastor Tautges)

     4:30-5:30pm            Session 3 – Scripture’s Authority & Sufficiency (Pastor Street)

     5:30-6:30pm            Dinner 

     6:30-7:45pm            Session 4 – Q&A with Pastors Street, Tautges and Hughes

Friday, April 1                         

     8-9am                      Session 5 – Counseling Those Fighting Sexual Sin (Pastor Street)

     9-9:30am                 Break

     9:30-10:30am          Session 6 - Q&A with Pastors John Street, Paul Tautges, Monty
                                                        Casebolt, and Larrie Bunyan)

     10:30-11:00am        Fellowship

Grace & Truth Conference

Friday, April 1

     1:00pm                    All Servants in Fellowship Hall for Prayer

     1:30-2:00pm            Registration 

     2-3:30pm                 Session 1 – The Nature of the Heart and its Passions (Pastor Street)

     3:30-4:30pm            Break – Coffee Cart Available      

     4:30-5:30pm            Session 2 – God’s Beautiful Design (Pastor Tautges)

     5:30-6:45pm            Dinner

     6:45-7:45pm            Session 3 - Q&A with John & Janie Street and Joe & Julie Young


Saturday, April 2                    

     8-9:00am                 Breakfast     

     9-10:15am               Session 4 – The Motivations of Sexual Idolatry (Pastor John Street)

     10:15-10:45am        Break   

     10:45-11:45am        Session 5 – Raising Sons and Daughters in a Hypersexualized Age
                                                         (Pastor Tautges)

     11:45am-1:30pm      Lunch – Coffee Cart Available

     1:30-2:30pm            Session 6 – Moderated Q&A with Pastors John Street, Paul Tautges, 
Young, and Tanner Ripley

     2:30-2:45pm            Break   

     2:45-3:45pm            Session 7The Characteristics of a Pure Heart (Pastor John Street)

     3:45-4pm                 Break

     4-5:00pm                 Session 8 – Open Mic Q&A (John & Janie Street and Paul Tautges)

~Conference Officially Over~

Sunday, April 3                      

     9-10:00am                Session 8 – Pastor Paul Tautges

     10:30am-12:00pm    Session 9 – Pastor John Street