Our missionaries

  • Brett & Michelle Hamilton

    Mission: Send International USA
     Missionary-Pastor for the International Church of Wroclaw
    e-mail: sent2serveall@gmail.com

    Brett and Michelle have four grown and married children with four grandchildren.  As of 2018, they have served 25 years with SEND International in Poland.  After seeing the Lord use them in the establishment of a new Polish fellowship which was turned over to Polish leadership in 2011, Brett served as Area Director for SEND North Central Europe for five years. 

    As of January 2018 Brett is serving as missionary-pastor for the International Church of Wroclaw,  INCW,  which is a ministry of the First Baptist Polish Church in Wroclaw that reaches out to international students and business professionals that have poured into the city in the last ten years.  It is the heart of Brett and Michelle to see the Lord raise up a church-based discipleship ministry that intentionally and relationally wins, trains and sends out committed Christ followers throughout the world.  In the last five years more that 150,000 Ukrainians alone have moved into the city of Wroclaw. There are people from six continents and 32 countries INCW already attending this young fellowship.

  • Bob & Shirley Kasper

    Mission: Camino Global (formerly CAM Int'l) 

    Professor of Theological Education
    e-mail: bkasper@caminoglobal.org 

    Bob and Shirley have four children and eight grandchildren. In 1965 they were accepted as missionaries to Argentina. They did church planting their first term, and the second teaching in a Bible School.  After returning to North America for seminary training Bob was asked to teach in a seminary in Bolivia, and then later at the Rio Grande Bible Institute. Since 1998 he has taught at the seminary (SETECA) in Guatemala City. Bob’s main ministry has been teaching. He currently teaches and mentors master’s and doctoral students, in the area of education, leadership and administration. He teaches both in residence and internet-based courses, and has students from Argentina to Canada, as well as Spain in his classes. Shirley travels with Bob and gets involved in projects for the needy folks in Guatemala. They have assisted and provided for many an American and others who traveled to Guatemala and found themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

  • Jeff & Shelly Kessler

    Mission: AWANA
    Missionaries in Montana & Northern Wyoming
    e-mail: jeffk@awana.org

    Jeff and Shelly work with churches to increase their burden for and effectiveness in children’s ministries.  We come alongside those churches to establish a strong children’s ministry that is  evangelistic and discipleship oriented. A big part of their job is providing training to adult leaders. Jeff and Shelly strive to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. They have many opportunities to share the Gospel, not only with those boys and girls, but with their parents as well.  We work to help churches find children’s ministry that works for them. They have seven children, four sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren. Jeff & Shelly have been AWANA Missionaries since October 1, 1993.

  • Frank & Jewel King

    Mission: InFatih Ministries (formerly American Missionary Fellowship) Active Senior Missionaries
    e-mail: frank_king@juno.com

    Frank King went to Glory in Spring of 2017 after a long battle with Cancer.  He leaves behind Jewel had four grown children and 5 grandchildren. Frank and Jewel served with American Missionary Fellowship for 40 years. In addition Frank preached at several smaller churches and also helped with AWANA, preached and supplied the music at nursing homes, did hospital visitation. Jewel still attends church here at EBC.

  • Art & Connie McCafferty

    Pastor and Rural Missionaries
    Blackfoot Valley Bible Church
    e-mail: Longview@linctel.net

    Art and Connie came to Blackfoot Valley Bible Church in 1998. Art is not only the Pastor but is very active in the community and school. Connie does private teaching in Science and Math. Art has taught expository preaching and inductive Bible study to Pastors in Cuba in 2002 and in Siberia in 2011. Connie teaches inductive Bible study to ladies and has been the speaker at some Christian Ladies’ Conferences.

  • D & R P

    Serving in the Middle East
    e-mail EBC for more information.

  • Jay & Jonalynn Schwoch

    Mission: Ethnos360
    e-mail: jay_schwoch@ntm.org 

    Jay and Jonalynn have three girls and three grandchildren. In May of 1999 they became members of NTM (now Ethnos360). Ethnos360 seeks to share the gospel and create indigenous churches among unreached and remote people groups around the world. In 2000 they went to Papua New Guinea where Jay served in the supply department, helping get supplies to those in the “bush” as well as those on the base. Since 2006 Jay has been involved in many aspects of the financial and accounting oversight at the headquarters for Ethnos360.

  • Dave & Ester Scovill

    Mission: CrossWorld 
    Missionaries to Indonesia
    e-mail: eccl12vs13@gmail.com

    Dave and Esther had two children, David & Dawn. David died in a car accident when he was 17 years old. They were accepted as missionaries with Unevangelized Fields Mission (now CrossWorld) in July,1959 and started working with the Dani tribe in Irian Jaya (now Papua). They have worked with the Dani people from that time till the present. Dave spearheaded and participated in the Bible being translated into the Dani language. He and Esther are living in North Carolina but as a senior missionary he still goes back every year to encourage and teach hundreds of pastors. Dave has written two books chronicling his and Esther's experiences on the mission field: “The Amazing Danis” and "Out of the Dark Triangle." Both are available on Amazon.com, but if you wish to buy them in lots of 10 or more, you may order them from Dave Scovill at 109 Wild Goose Rd, Blythewood, SC 29016. Any profits realized in the sale of the book go toward the work of the Dani church in Papua, Indonisia.